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OptionRoom is a user governed oracle and
forecast protocol.
Protocol features
OaaS: User governed Oracle as a service
OptionRoom has the ability to serve as an OaaS - Oracle as a Service where oracle requests are solved by governance.
User governed forecast market protocol
OptionRoom allows users to create and participate in event derivatives that are pegged to real-world outcomes by governance consensus.
Dual token model
Dual token model: ROOM serving as the utility token of OptionRoom and COURT serving as the governance token of the protocol.
Governance staking and authenticity score
Users stake their court for an increasingly higher authenticity score, meaning more voting power. Honest governance participants are rewarded with ROOM while dishonest participants tokens are slashed.
LP mining
The governance token COURT can only be obtained by providing liquidity/staking the utility token ROOM
Self-sustainable and community based
Protocol fees fuel a buyback mechanism. The founders of OptionRoom receive no percentage of the protocol fees.
User incentives
OptionRoom rewards protocol and governance participants. Pools creators get rewarded with a percentage of the pool winnings, creating an incentive to promote their pools.
Reward buffer pool
Excessive fees generated from the protocol are diverted to a reward buffer pool to be used as protocol rewards reducing inflation.
Multiple use-cases
OaaS, limitless prediction markets, decentralized polls, dispute resolution, decentralized surveys, curated lists - are some of the use-cases of OptionRoom’s architecture.